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B/2BNOW, a data exchange solutions provider for companies deploying a new SAP cloud platform, engaged Vehicle to create a new visual identity, develop a strategic framework for messaging, and create a new website and launch campaign assets. Vehicle’s initial research also revealed the need for a more distinct name in addition to visual differentiation.

The B/2BNOW name was problematic in our opinion – limiting, un-ownable, and focused on the present. We developed the name Highview to be more open, future facing, and aspirational at heart.

Say hello to vision elevated by experience. Say hello to Highview.

We developed the giraffe “H” icon to help cement the Highview concept into the mind of the viewer with a memorable graphic. Conceptually, the giraffe’s ability to see threats and opportunities through its elevated vision aligns well with the company’s foresight provided by its industry experience.

We developed graphic standards that feature a warm, vibrant color palette for photography and icons and friendly typography to reflect the down-to-earth company culture, with a selective pop of orange to keep visuals lively.

The website was designed to reflect the company’s emphasis on relationships, featuring humanistic imagery and approachable messaging. The site was built on a user-friendly platform that the client could update themselves.

The tradeshow swag encourages attendees to carry Highview branded goods into their everyday life.