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Hydro Flask, a highly successful premium hydration & lifestyle brand, was growing quickly with an ever expanding line of products. Their line exploded from hydration flasks to large coolers, backpacks, clothing, headwear, beer growlers, and associated accessories. Retailers were clamouring for more fixtures and a wall system. Hydro Flask tapped Vehicle to redesign their entire in-store fixture program to accommodate their needs.

We conducted national store surveys to review their current fixtures “in the wild” and to understand the various needs and space constraints of a wide array of retailers – from bicycle shops to grocery stores to big box sporting goods stores.

Our final retail design featured a suite of three different modular fixtures, branding elements,

and a complementary wall system to accommodate their quickly expanding product line. The new system was also designed to feature prominent point-of-sale imagery and messaging. We designed the POS template with a system to address brand and product messaging and created a visual language for technology features. We applied this same design aesthetic to their digital ad template for brand continuity online.


The result was a highly efficient modular system that could adjust to serve their evolving needs, while allowing their colorful product line to shine as the hero in-store.