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Nike turned to VehicleSF to help launch the KD11 at Nike San Francisco. Nike wanted to make

the retail experience a memorable one because, after all, S.F. is the Golden State Warriors'

backyard and Kevin Durant is the NBA MVP.

We embraced the “Built for a plush and bouncy ride” tagline as well as the visual imagery from Nike’s stunning KD11 videos for inspiration of the exterior window displays. The “Plush" window features dozens of “basketball” pillows, the “Bouncy" window features a trampoline - both inspired by the surreal KD11 videos created by Nike.

We created a 3x3 video wall with a wheat-paste shroud framing the dreamlike KD11 videos at the escalator landing on the 6th floor. We flanked the video wall with two pedestal vitrines, each featuring a floating ball, plush pillows that look like basketballs, and a bouncy trampoline top.

To extend the coverage and impact of the KD11 program, we took over the interior entryway and the highly visible billboard above the store.