Scoot’s mission is “Electric vehicles for everyone”. In cities all over the world people need fast, affordable, sustainable mobility. Scoot is one of the first companies to meet that need with a mix of shared, smartphone-activated electric vehicles, all perfect for life in the city.


Vehicle partnered with the executive team at Scoot to develop a communication strategy to help bring their vision of a shared electric future to targeted cities around the world. They currently operate in San Francisco, California, Barcelona, Spain, and Santiago, Chile and will be launching in more mobility-forward cities soon.

We developed a narrative and graphic language to speak directly to mayors and transportation officials to show how Scoot is the key to solving congestion, pollution, mobility, and parking issues in their city.


Scoot is united by their mission and by their culture of valuing each other, our cities, and our planet. We at Vehicle are proud to have a hand in contributing to their success.