two24 BRAND


When Ariat decided to launch a high-end, equestrian-inspired fashion footwear brand, they invited Vehicle to create the name, identity, and all launch elements. To develop the name, we looked to Secretariat for inspiration. Secretariat is not only significant because he was the greatest racehorse of all time, but he also inspired the Ariat name.

Our team researched Secretariat’s legacy and developed a series of name options that could serve as subtle nods to equestrian history, finally settling on Two24, which describes his still unmatched record race time of two minutes and 24 seconds.

To firmly establish the authentic equestrian roots of the brand, we conducted a photo shoot at the local racetrack. The Vehicle team did the casting, location scouting, and art direction for the shoot. The look book / selling tool is designed with a women’s and men’s section that meet in the middle spread. The Two24 landing page and in-store elements helped introduce this equestrian-inspired fashion brand to consumers.